OPTIONS PHILIPPINES is one of the country’s integrated marketing link companies. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We are involved in virtually every facet of the industry. We are a full service PR and Marketing company with clients in the healthcare, insurance, real estate, manpower, manufacturing, networking, government, consultancy, advertising, production,entertainment, sports, fashion and corporate sectors. Though we attract a broad range of clients from a variety of entities, we specialize in helping companies break into the urban market. Our talented team of professionals possess the skills to expose, brand, and market products or services in an effective manner.

We offer services in the areas of product enhancement, endorsements, sponsorships, event planning, product placement, marketing plans, and promotional strategies. We take pride in having a cutting edge in comparison to other marketing companies. We stay abreast of the latest technology provided to market our clients, boasting a staff comprised of experienced multimedia specialists and consultants. We offer the following services to our clients: HMO packages enhancements, insurance life and non life product options, website development, electronic press kits, and video production, marketing support team supplies, resin marketing link, real estate marketing, production of merchant partners. If you want to experience marketing at a higher level, then let OPTIONS PHILIPPINES take care of all your marketing needs.

Company Roots

Options Philippines started as a marketing link and consulting agency.

We are specialized for small markets and offer our clients custom solutions. Advanced methodologies and our deep insights into our clients’ industries helps distinguish our service. Our successes come from our good relations with clients, regional partners, employees and local communities.

The Story of Options Philippines

The name Options derives from the word “choices”

Our services of making product choices and solutions add value to the business and brands of our clients. Many of them have become successful in their marketing and production activities.

Our core business is consulting on the basis of marketing research and product development. Our foundations are in the marketing and product research and development. However, our knowledge and skills reach into various disciplines, such as brand management, management consulting, product innovations, media, trend forecasting, web strategies and data mining. These marketing and business skills allow us to tap a rich seam of insights to help offer valuable marketing advice to our clients.

Our Services

Ad-hoc research, product development OPTIONS and marketing CONSULTANCY.

Why we succeed?

The basis of our success are our good relations with clients, regional partners, employees and local communities. We know our clients and quickly recognize both their needs and their wishes. This helps us build close and successful relationships. We translate regional strategies to local markets. We constantly introduce new knowledge, technologies and innovative research ideas to enhance solutions for our clients. Our wide range of analytical tools result from our innovative spark. We have more than ten years of experience in marketing research, which gives us the necessary knowledge and wisdom. Our employees are experts in their fields and enjoy their work as DIRECTORS and CONSULTANTS.