Dengue RX Plus for Adults


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A health plan that covers a multiple-use benefit up to Php 30,000 for hospitalization due to Dengue. Accepted in more than 500 accredited hospitals.

Dengue RX Plus for Adults is for age 21 years old to 64 years old . It is valid for 1 year upon activation date. Benefit coverage starts 30 days after activation date. This health voucher / certificate of coverage is non-transferrable once activated.

Inpatient Care Benefits:
Dengue RX Plus for Adults you provides you a multiple-use benefit up to Php 30,000 for hospitalization due to Dengue. Accepted in more than 500 accredited hospitals nationwide including six (6) major hospitals (Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center in QC and Global, Asian Hospital, The Medical City, Cardinal Santos Medical Center) and classified hospitals (Manila Adventist and Notre Dame de Charles Hospital).

Dengue RX Plus for Adults is inclusive of the following benefits:
– Room and board (Member Preference)
– Doctors’ fees
– Laboratory and diagnostic procedures according to algorithm set by DOH for Dengue case
– Medical supplies and medications

Other Additional Benefits:
P10,000 accidental death and disability coverage

Schedule of Indemnities:
– 100% – Loss of life
– 100% – Loss of two limbs
– 100% – Loss of both hands
– 100% – Loss of both feet
– 100% – Total lost of sight of both eyes
– 75% – Loss of hearing of both ears
– 50% – Loss of one hand
– 50% – Loss of one foot
– 50% – Loss of sight of one eye

Client may examine and cancel this health plan within a period of 15days from receipt of the Certificate of Coverage/health plan voucher, provided that the product hasn’t been utilized or availed for its purpose. The membership coverage shall be terminated thereafter. Refund provisions apply in accordance to PhilCare’s Termination Policy.

Hospitalization Availment:
– Member must present a copy of the COC together with valid identification at identified PhilCare-accredited hospital.
– Hospital personnel will facilitate the approval of availment by reaching our contact center to verify membership eligibility and health coverage. The final medical diagnosis is the basis for PhilCare’s approval of coverage. Please note that the coverage of this health plan is based on the final medical diagnosis of a Dengue case. The initial presentation of symptoms may indicate Dengue for which a PhilCare In-Patient Letter of Authorization (LOA) may be issued. However, this may be invalidated and revoked if it is shown in the course of medical treatment that the case is not related to Dengue illness.
– If the final diagnosis is not Dengue, reactivation of benefits is allowed. PhilCare Customer Care Representative will process the reactivation of the plan.

* See PhilCare FAQs for more details.